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      Keep your kite from flying away with this large stake. Perfect for setting up a Quad Line kite! Comes with a...

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        SYNAPSE SIZE WEIGHT PACK SIZE WING SPAN WIND RANGE 140 Cilantro .6875 lbs 11″x 5″x 3″ 53″ (134.5 cm) 6-25 mph 170 Mango .75 lbs 11″x 6″x 3″ 66.5″ (169 cm) 5-25 mph 200 Coho .75 lbs 11″x 6.5″x 3″ 78.5″ (199 cm) 4-25 mph Guaranteed to thrill, the Synapse series is all about speed and agility. Perfect for beginners, the Synapse comes ready to fly and stuffs into a compact pouch to take with you anywhere. Their high-aspect wings steer like sports cars with fingertip accuracy but they’re stable and forgiving for new pilots. The all– fabric design means no frame parts to damage and no assembly required. Choose from three sizes-...

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        TANTRUM SIZE WEIGHT PACK SIZE WING SPAN WIND RANGE 220 1.5 lbs 28″x 7.25″x 2″ 87.5″ (222 cm) 5-25 mph 250 1.5 lbs 28″x 7.25″x 2″ 100″ (254 cm) 4-25 mph Designed specifically for dual-line bar control, Tantrum parafoils are speedy, rugged, and a blast to fly… and you’’ll be digging your heels in as the breeze comes up. Perfect trainers for traction kiting, kiteboarding, or all-around fun, they’’ll teach you solid kite handling skills before you take on the serious pull of a full–sized water or traction kite. In stronger winds, the Tantrum’’s low-drag airfoil delivers impressive speed and more than enough power to drag you down the beach with an adrenaline-stoked...

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      Choose the 3.1 for higher winds, the 4.2 for more versatility, and the 5.0 for maximum pull. TENSOR SIZE WEIGHT PACK SIZE WING SPAN SAIL AREA WIND RANGE 3.1 M 5.75 32″x 11″x 4″ 114″ (289 cm) 33.4 sq ft 5+ mph 4.2 M 6.25 32″x 11″x 4.5″ 138″ (350 cm) 45.2 sq ft 5+ mph 5.0 M 6.75 32″x 11″x 4.5″ 155″ (394 cm) 53.8 sq ft 5+ mph Engineered to be more than just a trainer, the Tensor package makes it simple and safe to get into power kiting with a dual-line control bar, safety leash and quick release, all set up and ready to fly. Once you’ve learned basic control, our...

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