1332 NE Broadway Portland, OR 97232 Ph. (503) 282-1214 | CCB: OR#195605 WA#ELMERFB882B8
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  [products_categories per_page=”-1″ hide_empty=”yes” show_counter=”no” discovery_text=”SHOP NOW” style=”white” orderby=”menu_order” order=”desc” category=”257, 247, 137, 71″ ] [two_fourth class=”” last=”no” ] CONSUMER Our Business was started by Elmer Reider in 1963. He believed that if you offered quality products and honest service, people would return and tell others. Making flags and banners for over 50 years, Elmer’s Flag and Banner is Portland’s largest flag store with 4,000 square feet of flags, whimsical windsocks, weather vanes, kites, flagpoles and more. This is a shopping experience, and now available to you on the web. [/two_fourth] [two_fourth class=”” last=”yes” ] COMMERCIAL We ship directly from our own warehouse, and usually do not use slow drop ship from vendors. Only...

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