Snapshot 1.9 Speed Foil [PRISM]


Prism Snapshot Speed Foil Kite 1.9

Color: Tangerine



Looking for a high-octane thrill? The Snapshot 1.9 delivers snappy cornering and arm-stretching power that’s truly remarkable for its size. Its elliptical planform and low-drag foil profile will remain inflated through gusts, tight turns and trick recovery. Our most popular size, It also makes an excellent training wing if you plan to move up to larger kites for buggying or kiteboarding. Comes fully equipped with Spectra™ lines, winder, flight straps and tail. Hold on tight and get ready to lay tracks in the sand when you take the 1.9 for a spin on a big wind day. Comes ready to fly with Spectra™ lines pre-attached, flight straps, tail and compact storage pouch.

Color: Tangerine

Snapshot 1.9 Specs

Skill Level Beginner – Intermediate
Wing Span 76″ (193 cm)
Sail Area 16.1 sq ft (1.5 sq m)
Wind Range 4 – 25 mph (6.5 – 40 kmh)
Speed Moderate
Pull Medium
Sail Material Ripstop Nylon
Flying Lines 100′ x 300 lbs Spectra™ (30.5 m x 136 kg)

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 9 x 10 in


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