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      Gator Style Line spool to hold your Fighter Kite Line Perfect for your light weight fighter kite line. We have 7,10 and 20lb. line in stock to fit your...

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      Works with both small and large kites Instantly adds color to kite displays Great for field making Made of durable hot-cut Nylon 100 ‘ x 200lb test...

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      The more you fly them, the better they work! 15 feet long | 100 fabric fringes | Connection loops at both ends! Super efficient, attractive, and inexpensive — and the more you fly them, the better they work! These ultra-efficient tails produce significant drag for their length. You can connect them together or fly them singly. Loops at each end make them easy to connect to your...

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      Keep your kite from flying away with this large stake. Perfect for setting up a Quad Line kite! Comes with a...

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    • $179.95


      *formerly Mirage* Elmer’s Kites too! staff favorite!   Skill: Novice-Advanced Speed: Moderate Pull: Medium Wind: 3-25 mph Size: 8-foot wingspan Frame: Carbon Sail: Nylon, Mylar laminate Flying lines: 85′ x 150# Precise and balanced, perfect for learning freestyle tricks. Also includes instructional DVD. For anyone ready for more, the Hypnotist is the perfect introduction to freestyle tricks as well as a great all-around wing for everyday fun. The next step up from the Quantum, it’s incredibly precise and does all the latest freestyle moves with ease. All of these kites come complete with our acclaimed Freestyle Pilot DVD, a proven course that will take you from basic landings to the most advanced acrobatics. Ready-to-Fly package includes high performance Spectra lines, winder, flight...

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      Great for travel! Skill: Novice Wing Span: 55″ Wind Range: 5-25 mph Speed: Fast Pull: Light Sail: Ripstop Nylon Frame: Hybrid Carbon / Fiberglass Flying lines:80# x 65′ Spectra The Jazz is the perfect intro to the addictive fun of dual line kiting. Simple, rugged and affordable, the Jazz outperforms every entry-level kite in its class and flies with the ease and control of a larger kite. Take a look under the hood and you’ll see all the details that have made Prism the world’s leader in sport kite design. From the hybrid Caron/Fiberglass frame to the injection molded fittings to the adjustable bridle, nothing has been forgotten, and all with a fit and finish second to none. Perfect for travel! When...

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      Brightly Colored! Makes flying a kite even easier! 20 Lb. Spool with 500 ft. of line

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      Holds 10 – 20 kites! Rolls up neatly like a burrito and provides a nice clean surface at the field where you can work on your kites without losing parts in the sand or grass. Mesh pocket ends drain sand. Organizes ten kites, spare parts and line-sets in separate pockets, and if you need to travel with your whole collection it can easily roll up with an additional ten kites. For travel, it folds neatly at half length to fit it in an overhead compartment. Nicely padded and contoured shoulder strap will not slip as you run for cover in a rain...

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      You’re sure to cause a shock! Electrify your kiteline with this colorful piece of line art. The remarkable zigzag shape holds firm in the wind Bolts are 10 feet long with six colorful...

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