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    • $59.95


      Premier Kites – Inflatable Dog Designed by Dave Holt of Lancashire The cutest kite creations in a long time. These friendly pups have a beautiful 3-D shape and exhibit perfect poise on any kite line. Easy to hook up and completely strut free. These Jr. Dog Kites are 4...

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    • $14.95

      4.5′ DELTA KITE

      Great kite for beginners!

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    • $139.95

      4D [PRISM]

      Skill: Novice-Advanced Speed:Fast Pull: Light Wind: 0-15 mph Size: 58″wingspan Frame: pultruded graphite Sail: ripstop polyester / mylar laminate Flying lines: 50′ x 50 lbs spectra The 4-D is perfect for those impromptu outings when you’d never consider a regular-sized kite. Its four-foot wingspan and feather-light weight means it’ll fly indoors as easily as out – perfect for that quick flight in your yard, a basketball court, or even on a rooftop. It holds the world indoor record for duration aloft (6 hours and 6 minutes – wow!) The 4-D is all about minimal weight and size, making it exceptionally handy for travel. We know a city bus driver who keeps one behind his seat for a twice-daily break at the...

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    • $64.95


      Rainbow Combining 26 years of kite testing with Christoph Fokken is what it took to build our Levitation Deltas. Made of lightweight 40-denier ripstop nylon with fiberglass frames, they have oversized keels and trailing edge flaps for stability. In light winds, bigger is definitely better. Our 9-ft. delta hits a sweet spot. A gentle floater in light winds, it has a manageable pull when the wind comes up. Size: 9’-0” x 4’-7”(30” case) Wind range: 4 to 20 mph. Line: 75 to 100-lb. Dacron...

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