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The History of the Irish Flag – Bratach na hÉireann

Bratach na hÉireann (The Irish Flag) Commonly referred to as the Irish Tricolor, the National Flag of Ireland is a vertical tricolor of green, white and orange. Proportionally, the flag is laid out at a 1:2 ratio, being twice as long as it is high. The flag was first flown publicly on March 7, 1848 during the Young Irelander Rebellion at the Wolfe Tone Confederate Club in Waterford City. A leader of the Young Irelander movement named Thomas Francis Meagher was the first to fly the flag. Meagher would later become a Brigadier General in the American Civil War fighting for the Union Army. Later Meager would become Governor of Montana. When Meagher first...

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Symbolic Usage of Colors in Flags

  Most countries around the world have flags. The flags have different colors as well as designs. While it is easy to assume that these colors mean nothing, if you look closely, you will find that they are actually symbolic representations of the values, ideals and allegiance of those countries, among other things. The colors are also used to express religious symbolism. This is a phenomenon that is common to flags that belong to Islamic or Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Libya.  Colors in flags may also be used to symbolize a passionate feeling towards something, for instance a nation, organization or belief. The shapes or numbers that the flags are...

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4 Tips On How To Maintain Your Flag

  All countries and most institutions have a flag code that prescribes specific etiquette to ensure that the flag is properly taken care of. A national flag looks bad when left unkempt and if it is a corporate flag then it can easy be perceived as a reflection of the company’s standards. Since flags are a representation of major and respectable entities they are considered a living emblem that should be treated with respect. In this article we provide four tips that will help ensure your flag remains in a splendid condition. #1 Fade Prevention Exposure to the sun will definitely cause your flag to fade but you can slow this down process by...

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