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    • $139.95

      4D [PRISM]

      Skill: Novice-Advanced Speed:Fast Pull: Light Wind: 0-15 mph Size: 58″wingspan Frame: pultruded graphite Sail: ripstop polyester / mylar laminate Flying lines: 50′ x 50 lbs spectra The 4-D is perfect for those impromptu outings when you’d never consider a regular-sized kite. Its four-foot wingspan and feather-light weight means it’ll fly indoors as easily as out – perfect for that quick flight in your yard, a basketball court, or even on a rooftop. It holds the world indoor record for duration aloft (6 hours and 6 minutes – wow!) The 4-D is all about minimal weight and size, making it exceptionally handy for travel. We know a city bus driver who keeps one behind his seat for a twice-daily break at the...

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    • $142.95


      Skill level : Intermediate – Advanced Wing span: 87″ Wind range: 3-20 mph Frame: Carbon Fiber Sail: RipStop Nylon Flying lines: 25m Dyneema on winder with fly straps. World renowned sport kite instructor and designer Dodd Gross has teamed-up with Skydog to create the world’s best flying sport kites offered at an affordable price. Limited to stock on hand. Limited colors & Designs. No Back orders. All sales final. Free Catch the Wind DVD (a $24.95 value...

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    • $219.95


      Skill level: Intermediate – Advanced Wing span: 91″ Wind range: 3-25 mph Speed: Moderate – Fast Pull: Moderate Frame: SkyShark P200 wrapped graphite Sail: Polyester, Mylar Flying lines: 85′ x 150# Spectra The long-awaited successor to our beloved E2, the E3 continues the tradition as the ultimate package for pilots ready to take the next step into freestyle tricks. While retaining the forgiving yet responsive feel of the E2, we’ve redesigned its wing geometry with a new profile and higher aspect ratio to add precision and tracking while also bringing it up to date for all the latest yo-yo and roll-up maneuvers. The added stability gives it a great feel for just carving up the sky, even if you’re not yet a...

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    • $179.95


      *formerly Mirage* Elmer’s Kites too! staff favorite!   Skill: Novice-Advanced Speed: Moderate Pull: Medium Wind: 3-25 mph Size: 8-foot wingspan Frame: Carbon Sail: Nylon, Mylar laminate Flying lines: 85′ x 150# Precise and balanced, perfect for learning freestyle tricks. Also includes instructional DVD. For anyone ready for more, the Hypnotist is the perfect introduction to freestyle tricks as well as a great all-around wing for everyday fun. The next step up from the Quantum, it’s incredibly precise and does all the latest freestyle moves with ease. All of these kites come complete with our acclaimed Freestyle Pilot DVD, a proven course that will take you from basic landings to the most advanced acrobatics. Ready-to-Fly package includes high performance Spectra lines, winder, flight...

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    • $64.95


      Great for travel! Skill: Novice Wing Span: 55″ Wind Range: 5-25 mph Speed: Fast Pull: Light Sail: Ripstop Nylon Frame: Hybrid Carbon / Fiberglass Flying lines:80# x 65′ Spectra The Jazz is the perfect intro to the addictive fun of dual line kiting. Simple, rugged and affordable, the Jazz outperforms every entry-level kite in its class and flies with the ease and control of a larger kite. Take a look under the hood and you’ll see all the details that have made Prism the world’s leader in sport kite design. From the hybrid Caron/Fiberglass frame to the injection molded fittings to the adjustable bridle, nothing has been forgotten, and all with a fit and finish second to none. Perfect for travel! When...

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    • $79.95


      Voted Best Kite of the Year in 2005 Skill: Novice Speed: Fast Pull: Medium Wind: 4-22 mph Size: 5-foot wingspan Frame: Carbon / Fiberglass Sail: Nylon, Mylar laminate Flying lines: 65′ x 90# Spectra Agile and responsive, packs up tiny for travel. Taking a vacation or just wishing you could? The Nexus is our best kite for travel, especially if you’re new to the sport. Big enough for real-kite performance, small enough to pack in a suitcase, it’s the perfect package to get you hooked on kiting. It’s real equipment that’ll handle your abuse and perform whenever you feel the urge. Free Tail Shipped w/Nexus! Order the Nexus and receive a free tail. Color is picked at random and is subject to stock...

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      A Revolution for Ever Occasion Skill: Beginner to Expert Wind: 4-25 mph Leading edge: 92″ Height: 31″ Weight: 10 oz. Structure: SLE Advantage graphite Line: 90#, 85′ The kite responds to your light, decisive commands and allows you speed control and precision flying to the highest degree creating a very responsive and rewarding flying experience. Ships complete with kite, handles, spectra line, winder, instructional training disc and...

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    • $179.00


      no previous EXPerience required Skill: Beginner Wind: 4-15 mph Leading edge: 93″ Height: 31″ Weight: 8.8 oz. Structure: Advantage Ultralight graphite Line: Not included / Sold Separately Revolution kites are easier to fly than you would ever think. This durable, flexible and forgiving model gives you time to react to its flying characteristics, as well as the ability to perform all the great Rev moves that got you interested when you saw them for the first time. Ships complete with kite, handles, instructional training disc and...

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